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The 2016 election is a moment of great opportunity in the engagement of African American and young voters. The opportunity lies in converting the tremendous surge of Black voters from 2008 and 2012 into a population of consistent voters who are educated and motivated to vote their values at the polls. Launching in October of 2016, the Changing the Climate Tour is a 10-city initiative designed to elevate issues of importance to the African American community through lively discussions led by a panel of nationally known advocates, entertainers, politicos, students and journalists.

While notable issues like education, criminal justice reform and economic opportunity will be at the heart of the discussions, the tour will also focus on environmental equity and climate change as umbrella issues that have particular implications for the black community. For as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan highlights, all other issues come to a standstill if people don’t have clean water, air and food.






Organized by Vestige Strategies – a Washington-DC based civic and community engagement firm and in partnership with BET’s VOTE 2016 campaign, the purpose of the Changing the Climate tour is to underscore what’s at stake for African Americans and millennials this election season and encourage voter registration and turnout, generate media attention to amplify the concerns of black voters and shape the national narrative about the issues that matter most to this core voting bloc and to provide strategic recommendations on policy solutions that can create lasting changes.



Our panelists represent the top thinkers, pundits and activists in the nation. They will lead engaging conversations with student and community leaders at each of our tour stops.